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November 27, 2011 - Spring House, PA
Wellpoint/Anthem of Georgia Rescinds "Termination" Notice
In a letter dated November 11, 2011 to its network of durable medical equipment providers, Anthem BC/BS of Georgia’s L. Kathryn Norman, Vice President of Ancillary Provider Engagement and Contracting, states that, “in the spirit of partnership”, Anthem “will not terminate currently contracted providers” from its network after the March 1, 2012 deadline that it had set earlier this year that restricts its network providers to using just three of the ten accreditation organizations that hold deeming authority for DMEPOS from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  

The Compliance Team (TCT), as one of the CMS “deemed” accreditation organizations presently excluded by Anthem, is pleased to learn that the health insurance firm has responded in such a positive way to our concerns as well as those of the 150+ TCT accredited Georgia-based DMEPOS providers and their elected representatives.  

Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Georgia is a wholly owned subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc., the nation’s largest health benefits company in terms of commercial membership. By latest count, The Compliance Team accredits close to two thousand DMEPOS locations in the 14 states that WellPoint, through its Anthem subsidiaries, presently does business.   

Given The Compliance Team’s impressive market share in WellPoint states, the realization that Anthem of Georgia has rescinded its “termination” policy and is moving to re-open its “evaluation of the numerous accrediting bodies” is seen as welcomed news to the thousands of providers accredited by TCT throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  

Furthermore, The Compliance Team’s outstanding successful record of healthcare evaluation innovation including the development of the industry’s first comprehensive sets of plain language accreditation quality standards, operations-based implementation techniques, measured continuous improvement follow-up, and electronic outcomes benchmarking is proof that providers can achieve healthcare delivery excellence while they simultaneously lower the costs associated with the accreditation process.  

We are confident that, upon a full review of our core competencies, WellPoint and its Anthem subsidiaries will come to the same conclusion as CMS, and recognize the enhanced patient care values that The Compliance Team’s accreditation programs bring to the nation.  

Sandra C. Canally, RN
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