Exemplary Provider® Accreditation Badges

The Compliance Team Exemplary Provider® badges are for use by our accredited providers on their websites and printed materials. We recommend putting a badge in the footer area of your website. This way, anyone going to your website will see the logo and will recognize you as an Exemplary Provider.

Link the badge to this web page http://www.thecomplianceteam.org/validated_provider.aspx
The information on this page explains what it means for your patients and clients who are using your products and services.

Using the Exemplary Provider® Accreditation Badges:

JPG and PNG files

The JPG and PNG files, either of which can be used on your website or electronic marketing materials, come in square and horizontal formats. Each format is available in color or white (which should be used on a dark background.) Use whichever version works best for your website. Feel free to reduce the images as necessary to fit the space on your site. Please maintain the aspect ratio. For sharpness and clarity reasons, we recommend that you do not enlarge these images.

EPS files

The EPS files should be used on all printed marketing materials. Unless you have Photoshop or Adobe illustrator you won’t be able to open them. However, your graphic designer will have access to these programs so make certain he/she has access to them the next time you print new business cards or marketing materials.

If you need help, please contact Marilyn Bullock at mbullock@thecomplianceteam.org.

Congratulations on becoming an Exemplary Provider!

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