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Critical Access Hospital
The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider® accreditation program for Critical Access Hospital (CAH) is uniquely structured to streamline daily hospital operations and improve staff performance, patient care and the total patient/hospital experience.

Our industry leading Safety-Honesty-Caring® Quality Standards and Evidence of Compliance are operations-driven and fully integrated with the CMS* Conditions of Participation to ensure that your hospital is compliant to current standards. Special features like our Patient Protection Zone “stop signs” alert staff to administrative policies, clinical procedures and processes that often lead to preventable medical errors that can cause harm to patients and others.

Self-reliant rural-based CAH’s especially like that our Exemplary Provider® methods dramatically simplify the accreditation process by including: mentoring and manuals; self-assessment checklists; corporate compliance/anti-fraud plans; and electronic outcomes benchmarking. It all adds up to an unrivaled accreditation value that protects patients and providers as well as the public and third-party payors.

Advantages of The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider® Accreditation:
• Meets CMS* Conditions of Participation and state licensure requirements
• Streamlines day-to-day operations
• Addresses medical error reduction
• Benchmarks patient/hospital experience
• Provides a distinguished Exemplary Provider® quality branding tool
• Positions your organization for long-term growth

*Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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